Houses of Magic

As Stephen King says, “books are a uniquely portable magic.” Every day of my life, I’ve read books that bring new people and new places alive in my world.

Nowadays people think of books and they think of Barnes and Noble, Books a Million, Amazon and many more stores and online options. Many people forget the libraries. The original houses of magic.

Libraries are a place where one can go and hop from one magical place to another. A place where you can watch yourself (and your children) grow from the kids’ section to the young adult section to the adult section. You can even watch as you jump from section to section when you miss the stories you loved.

Trips to the library were always my favorite. As a “big girl,” I could talk to the librarian about what I was looking for and then browse. When computers were brought into the library, now those were the days. I could truly browse on my own. Once I found my book, I felt full of an excited anxiety because that’s when the time table began. The minute the date was stamped onto the card, I was on a two week deadline. Lord knows, I always borrowed more than I could read in two weeks, but hey I was totally competitive with myself – lol.

Now, I take my boys to the library and I see a similar joy. Sometimes they have to pick out new books before we leave because they finish the one(s) they had while I was still looking for mine. I see the excitement in being able to scan their own library card to borrow books. Although they will never know it, I get so happy on the inside to watch as they use their receipt as their bookmark because they are on their own two week deadline and don’t want to forget it.

Libraries are houses of magic that everyone should visit. Membership is always free!

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