About PL

Phoenix’s Library

Those two words have been a part of my life for what feels like forever!  Ever since I was little, I enjoyed books.  Every single book brought me into a new world where I could watch something new unfold in front of me.  Naturally, I grew up wanting to be a writer.  That dream has never left me, but it hasn’t been fulfilled (yet) either.  What would the next thing be for a bibliophile to dream of?  Well, at least for this lover of books, the next idea was how cool it would be to own a bookstore.  I mean think of it – to spend the day surrounded by books and be able to suggest to people stories they might enjoy.  It would be awesome.  Another dream that hasn’t been fulfilled, but isn’t gone yet either.

As a mother of 2, of course I have a day job, I am a teacher (by night I am Batman – lol!).  Naturally, you would think an English teacher.  Sorry, here’s a curveball — I am a Math teacher, but my students (and my little plaque) will tell you that the reader/writer in me doesn’t turn off during the day.  Be ready to answer that Pythagorean Theorem problem using proper grammar because I will return it!  I have been teaching for 17 years now and it is awesome.  It is a wonderful way to work with students of every caliber and help them become someone who can achieve their dreams.  I never want to teach something that I cannot show in my own life.  I may not be a writer (yet) or own my own bookstore (yet), but I can acknowledge how important those things are to me and find a way to incorporate them into my life that works for me at this stage of my life.

That’s where Phoenix’s Library comes in.  Phoenix’s Library gives me the ability to share my thoughts about the things I read – to potentially help someone choose a story that they can enjoy and pass on.  Currently, I own over 2,000 books, so I could have a library of my own.  Thanks to the digital age we live in, I can create a hybrid of my dreams and write about the books in my own little bookstore (the shelves in the living room).  Welcome to my new dream.