Emblaze (Embrace Series)


When you’re hanging off the edge of a volcano, how do you make the most important decision of your life? For Violet Eden the decisions between right and wrong are getting harder and harder. Because apparently being a half-angel Grigori doesn’t always make you right.

Where is the good in having to choose between the life of her best friend and saving humanity? How does she balance a soul-crushing need for her Grigori partner, Lincoln, and the desire to keep him safe at all costs? And what if the darkest exiled angel of all, Phoenix, isn’t as bad as she thought?

Both sides—Angels vs. Exiles—are racing to decipher an ancient scripture that would allow anyone banished to the Underworld to return. And at the very center: Violet. She only has one chance to make the right choice…

The Phoenix’s Perspective

There is a phrase that says “history is bound to repeat itself.”  Well, Emblaze sets itself up to follow just that.  Violet and Lincoln are fighting to keep Phoenix from re-opening the gates of hell and letting out his mother, who is happy to bring hell to the Earth’s surface for all to enjoy.  Our main characters are still struggling to find a balance between what life wants from them and what they want from life.  At the same time, each character has begun developing their own story alongside the main one, giving the reader a more in-depth look at who they are instead of just being seen as a part of Violet’s posse.

Violet’s struggle only intensifies — adding even more to her plate than she already has.  Her connection with Phoenix continues to be too intense to control.  If she cannot find a way to destroy their connection, she will need to come to terms with potentially losing herself to save everyone else.  Her connection with Lincoln becomes more and more unbearable each day.  The pain is no longer just emotional, but it has also become physical — it is actually painful to be near him (or even away from him) for too long.  Yet, Lincoln has begun to stone wall her, to push her towards others, to cut her out and criticize her.  He has her questioning whether the connection she feels is only one-sided – did she make it all up in her head?  As if all that isn’t enough, her dad is now actually trying to parent — concerned for her whereabouts, putting curfews into place and attempting to discipline.

Similar to Entice, this third installment manages to answer many of the reader’s questions without taking away from the story itself.  We are finally exposed to the story surrounding Violet’s mother, Evelyn.  Evelyn’s story explains the reasons behind Violet’s “specialness” and why exiles are always focused on her.  We are also introduced to “The Academy” — the “they” Griffin is always speaking of.  Josephine, the Academy spokesperson, reminds us at every turn who is “in control” and what can be done about powers that cannot be controlled, primarily Violet.

There are so many defining moments that occur within Emblaze— so many events that will change how Violet sees herself and her world.  The unfortunate effect of these events is that Violet will begin to contemplate living life alone.  She finally see how much her choices can affect those around her and question how much damage her presence causes others.  Can one truly live the life of a Grigori alone?

Would I add it to the library?

Just as with the first two books in the series, I was pulled into the story right away and couldn’t put it down until I was done.


Genre: Fiction – romance, paranormal
ISBN: 9781402271311
Rating:  good

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