Erased (Altered Series)


They thought they had escaped. They were wrong.

After fleeing the Branch with Sam, Cas, and Nick, Anna is trying to make sense of the memories resurfacing from her old life. At the same time, she’s learning how to survive in hiding, following Sam’s rules: Don’t draw attention to yourself. Always carry a weapon. Know your surroundings. Watch your back.

Then a figure from Anna’s childhood reappears. Is it a Branch setup, or could it be the reunion Anna has hoped for? Uncertain of where her loyalties lie, Anna must fight to learn the truth — before she is betrayed again. Ultimately, the answers hinge on one question: What was the real reason her memories were erased?

The Phoenix’s Perspective

Let me lead with this – it took me just a little over 2 hours to read it! It felt like I started reading one minute and the next minute I was already halfway through the book.

There were so many questions left unanswered in the first book (Altered). Questions about the boys, questions about Anna, questions about their connection and what part the program played into it all.  Yet, as the book begins, all those questions are on the back burner because our main characters have been learning to live life as a unit while on the run.

The first few chapters get us acclimated to their new way of living – learning how to fight, how to use weapons, how to stay below the radar and who to trust. Though the story was interesting, I remember feeling cheated because the questions above hadn’t been answered. I was so wrong – trying to jump the gun instead of letting the book work everything out.

Flashbacks! I know that this can sometimes be overbearing, especially when used to give a lot of information. However, Rush did a good job of keeping them short while still providing the information needed to fill in the gaps left by Altered. Not only did Rush keep the flashbacks short, but she also spread them across the group.  Instead of having all the flashbacks come from one person, each character had their own that eventually would tie the history of the group together in a most unusual way.

In what seemed almost routine, the group was constantly dealing with conflict. Rush did a really good job at creating conflicts that might have felt predictable, but always had a bigger twist to them. Anna is visited by people from her past and the feelings of mistrust start to rise – that’s pretty much predictable.  However, why this person is not trustworthy and how they ended up that way is more of a twist than was expected.

Overall, I enjoyed the book and, though most loose ends seem to get tied up, I am hoping that there is still another book left in the series since there always seems to be conflict around the corner for this unit of four.

Would I add it to the library?

Yes.  It was a good easy read – it took me longer to publish the post than to actually read the book.


Genre: Fiction – runaways, sci-fi, genetic engineering
ISBN: 9780316197144
Rating:  good

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