hush, hush


As a high school sophomore, Nora Grey is a dedicated student worrying about college.  She is very responsible – not inclined to do anything reckless.  That is until she gets paired with Patch in biology class.  He seems perfect….almost too perfect.  He is handsome, unexpected and attentive.  As a result, all of Nora’s instincts tell her to start running because he is definitely trouble.  

The truth is — he is trouble.  He has made countless mistakes in his past and could hardly be called harmless. As they are forced to spend more time together in class, Nora begins to feel like Patch is somehow in her head.  She finds herself fighting between wanting to have him around and feeling like he is stalking her since he is always there.

Before she knows it, Nora finds herself not only in love with Patch but also in the middle of a supernatural battle among fallen angels.  Will she find a way to pull herself out of this situation or will her attraction to Patch suck her into the craziness?

The Phoenix’s Perspective

Many readers have compared hush, hush to Twilight. Though supernatural romance is definitely a strand common to both books, the biggest difference is the character development. Nora is a strong female character with a very good sense of herself and what she wants.  Although she does fall for Patch and he does pull her into some shady supernatural situations, she still stands her ground when she feels like the plan is deviating from where she wanted it to be.

Patch is also a very strong character. As a fallen angel, he has a sorted past that weighs heavy on his heart. Meeting Nora was part of a plan to become human all over again.  He soon comes to realize that the bad boy façade is just that – a façade – he can’t fight his internal instincts to protect those he loves.

Unfortunately, the book does have some unrealistic aspects. Nora’s friend Vee is completely oblivious to everything that happens around her and why it happens. Also, Nora’s mother is always away for work.  However, it seems very unrealistic that her mother would leave her alone for so much time right after her father passed away.

Would I add it to the library?

Yes! Overall, the book is a very entertaining read. You find yourself pulled into the characters and feeling part of every situation. As the first book in a set of four, hush, hush does its job.  It gets the reader involved from the start and leaves you wanting more.  Make sure to have crescendo ready and waiting for when you finish the last line.


Genre: Fiction – paranormal, romance, horror, suspense
ISBN: 9781416989424
Rating:  good

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