One Death Nine Stories


Kev’s the first kid their age to die. And now, even though he’s dead, he’s not really gone. Even now his choices are touching the people he left behind. Ellen Hopkins reveals what two altar boys (and one altar girl) might get up to at the cemetery. Rita Williams-Garcia follows one aimless teen as he finds a new life in his new job — at the mortuary. Will Weaver turns a lens on Kevin’s sister as she collects his surprising effects — and makes good use of them. Here, in nine stories, we meet people who didn’t know Kevin, friends from his childhood, his ex-girlfriend, his best friend, all dealing with the fallout of his death. Being a teenager is a time for all kinds of firsts — first jobs, first loves, first good-byes, firsts that break your heart and awaken your soul. It’s an initiation of sorts, and it can be brutal. But on the other side of it is the rest of your life.

The Phoenix’s Perspective

I am not usually a reader of short stories, so I was concerned when it was on my list of books to ready. I always worry that the stories won’t connect, especially when written by several different authors.

One Death Nine Stories was very surprising – it told not only nine different stories but also one larger one. Even though each character/writer has his/her own voice, the book as a whole never felt disjointed. Each character’s story told us a about them just as much as it told us about Kevin.  We watch them as they reflect on the life they are leading and the influence that Kevin had on it.

Through each of their stories, we also learned about Kevin – what kind of person he was and what things were important to him. The most important things we learned about Kevin were the things that weren’t explicitly written about – the loneliness, the loss and the lack of true support.

One Death Nine Stories was a great overall glimpse to the many lives that had been touched by one lost individual.

Would I add it to the library?

Yes! This book has definitely opened me up to reading more short story collections.


Genre: Fiction – suicide, death, choices, short stories
ISBN: 9780763652852
Rating:  good

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