Reborn (Altered Series)


The Branch is in shambles, but Anna, Sam, Cas, and Nick can’t rest easy. Remnants of the organization lurk unseen and the flashbacks to their old lives are only getting stronger—especially Nick’s.

Following scattered memories and clues from his Branch file, Nick sets off alone in search of answers and in search of the girl who haunts his dreams. But the sleepy town where she lives in full of secrets and Nick soon learns that uncovering their shared past may have deadly consequences.

The Phoenix’s Perspective

The Altered series has been very exciting and interesting thus far, so I was very eager to jump back into the fight against The Branch. When Reborn was released, I anticipated reading about the next chapter in the lives of Anna and Sam, as they fight against the Branch with Nick and Cas.

What I found was even more interesting. Rush decided against further developing Sam, Anna and their backstories. Instead she gave us a closer look at one of the “supporting” team members.  Reborn focuses on Nick and everything he has gone through since the group went on the run.  Without the suppression of the Branch, Nick has begun having flashbacks of who he was before waking up in the lab beneath Anna’s farmhouse.  Though things are hard to make out, he never seems to struggle to see the beautiful face of someone he thinks he may have hurt.

Nick goes on a solo quest – an attempt to really find himself outside of the group. I thought Rush really had a great idea here. Before they were a group on the run, they were four individual people struggling through life.  Not only do we need to know about their pasts as readers, but also as characters they need their own closure.  A group is only as strong as its weakest members and they cannot afford a weak link.

As long as we have known Nick, he has spent his time question his decency and morality, seeing himself only as a dangerous weapon. Through Reborn, we learn that if you view yourself through your past, you are going to miss a lot about who you truly are now (and potentially were then even if you have forgotten). You also end up closing doors for yourself that you may not even have known you wanted open.

I was excited to see a back-story for Nick. I do wish it had gone a little more into the past — giving us a little more information on who Nick was before the Branch, but hey beggars can’t be choosers right? All in all, Reborn was right up there with the rest of the Altered series – it was fast paced and full of action while still reminding us that these characters are people with emotions and feelings.

I can only hope that Rush will continue this route and give us backstories for Cas, Trev and even Chloe. It’s nice to know where they are now, but knowing where they came from is so satisfying.

Would I add it to the library?

I am excited to also get the novella Played and read about Chloe and what she has done since crossing paths with Nick and Elizabeth.


Genre: Fiction – romance, sci-fi, genetic engineering
ISBN: 9780316197076
Rating:  good

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