Seven Wonders: Lost in Babylon


Thirteen-year-old Jack McKinley was a normal kid leading a normal life—totally unaware that he was about to die. He’s cursed with a genetic abnormality that’s giving him amazing powers too quickly for his body to handle. Jack’s only hope: Find the seven lost Loculi that were hidden in the Seven Wonders of the Ancient World by the last prince of Atlantis. Only they contain the magic to save him—and the world.

After unearthing the first Loculus and defeating the Colossus of Rhodes, Jack and his friends are in worse shape than when they first set out. Marco has disappeared without a trace, along with the first Loculus. With no time to spare and no one else to turn to, Jack and the gang have no choice but to follow the only clues they have and to head off on the next leg of their epic quest—to the Hanging Gardens of Babylon!

The Phoenix’s Perspective

Lost in Babylon has been described by many as Percy Jackson meets Indiana Jones. As a fan of both, I would have to agree.

Just as the first book, The Colossus Rises, Jack, Aly, Cass and Marco embark on an adventure that only be described as both crazy and amazing all wrapped into one. This quartet is known as Selects, kids with a rare genetic disorder that will kill them by the age of 14 unless the find the Seven Loculi of Atlantis that have been hidden throughout the Seven Wonders of the world.

Though it begins rather slowly, we find the pace and adventure picks up in a place we would have never imagined – Ancient Babylon. It seems that the quartet has reconnected after Marco disappeared with the first Loculi. However odd that may seem, it looks like we can put that on the back burner until we have found the second Loculi.

Throughout their journey, they find themselves before an ancient king that does not speak their language or really trust them. They face mystical creatures that are said to have come from Atlantis itself. They even find a girl with an amazing gift for language that seems to fit with the group as if they started out together.

Before long, you find the book answering those important questions that you hadn’t even thought to ask. Where was Marco? Who is Daria?  How did mystical Atlantean creatures make it to Babylon?  How do they return to normal civilization?

By the end of the book, the kids are faced with the important decision of who do we trust? As if putting their lives in the hands of someone isn’t enough, the last line of the book will blow the reader’s mind. I am still thrown by the amount of turmoil and confusion that one sentence can create.

It’s like the cliffhanger at the season finale of your favorite show. You’re left confused, sad, happy, anxious, amazed, and even angry that you have to wait for next season.

Would I add it to the library?

Yes! Thanks to that last line, I have no other option than to move to the third book. The Tomb of Shadows will be available May 2014.


Genre: Fantasy
ISBN: 9780062070449
Rating: good

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