It looks like a pizza exploded on Nick Barry’s face. But bad skin is the least of his problems. His bones feel like living ice. A strange rash-like scratch seems to be some sort of ancient code. And then there’s the anger…

Something evil is living under Nick’s skin. Where did it come from? What does it want? With the help of a dead kid’s diary, a nun, and a local professor, Nick slowly finds out what’s wrong with him. But there’s still one question that Nick must face alone: How do you destroy an evil that’s inside you?

The Phoenix’s Perspective

Skin was a very interesting story, but at only 102 pages it left me wanting more. I feel like Skin could have been developed with more detail and even some more back story into a full on 200-300 page novel. Even though it was short, the writing made the story come alive.  You could actually feel the fear and the horror coming through.

It became clear while reading that the author was trying to target a specific audience – young readers that are still struggling with getting through longer books. Yet and still, I find that the story and writing were interesting and appealing enough to make me want to read the other stories in the series.

Would I add it to the library?

This is just one book in a six book series. Although having something supernatural connects them all, each book seems to be its own separate situation.  I look forward to reading the other five.


Genre: Fiction – horror, supernatural
ISBN: 9780761361589
Rating:  meh

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